Employer Services

Today’s digital revolution is rapidly rewriting the environment for employers and their workforce. The need for mobility is greater than ever. Understanding and assessing the risks and opportunities for your organization helps you stay in step with the demands of your business. Taking a people-first" Abingh helps you navigate change and focus on what matters most, people!

You should always hire the best person or team for the job. That often requires (international) talent. We can help you get those people – no matter where they are. Our recruiting experts provide advice, additional recruiting capacity and effective tools to fundamentally improve your recruitment process based on targets set in advance. Together we build your employer brand and we ensure the growth of the talent that suits you.
If needed Abingh can search, find and hire the employee you need and outsource them to you. No employee issues as Abingh takes care of all.

Our Services Include:
• Recruitment
• Outsourcing
• Immigration& Naturalization (Blue Card, HSM, ICT, permanent residency)
• Labour law
• Payroll
• Employee benefits (30%-ruling and more)